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Flair Interiors offers a variety of services which include residential, professional spaces, and commercial properties.


Residential Decorating and Designing


Most of us have walked through a beautiful showhome and thought about what it could be like to have a home with the style, function, and design features you dream of. 


Whether it is your brand new home, a new-to-you home, a home you have lived in for some time, a business or professional space, please allow Flair Interiors the opportunity to design and create the interior of your dreams.


Flair Interiors approaches functionality, aesthetic, personal style, trends, and budget cohesively when developing a design plan to decorate and style residential or professional spaces. Furnishings and decor, space planning and utilization, colour, lighting plans, and updating or upgrading fixtures are some of what will be considered.


Professional Spaces and Commercial Properties

There are often unique needs and requirements when working in a professional space or with a commercial property. With experience in everything from salons to corporate offices downtown, restaurants to small commercial buildings with multiple tenants, Flair Interiors can  provide the same dedicated services as with their residential projects, but with a focus on the functionality of the space for those who work in it and their valued clients.

Detailed Consultations


Flair Interiors will do a room by room assessment of your home or business, and recommend changes, updates, and solutions to design problems. Flair Interiors will provide a summary that may include a design plan. Our clients  will then have the opportunity to be involved as much or as little as desired. Flair Interiors will offer enough advice and recommendations for our clients to feel comfortable working on their own.


Re-Styling and Design Update


Fall back in love with your home. If your home leaves you uninspired, please allow Flair Interiors the opportunity to re-style and update it in the most functional yet stylish way, while reflecting your lifestyle and taste. Flair Interiors can use your existing furniture and accessories to empasize your homes' best features. Alternately, we can assist in purchasing new decor items, fixtures, and furnishings to give your home a refreshing update. We will also advise on colour selections for paint, flooring, window coverings, custom furnishings, as well as assist with lighting.


This same service can be done for any company looking for a sharper image and style update.

Staging and Styling


Flair Interiors shares your goal of reducing the number of days your property is on the market. Staging often costs less than the first listing price reduction. Professional staging is one of the best investments you can make for selling a property faster.


Staging can be done in an occupied home as well as a vacant propery.


In preparation for listing your home, Flair Interiors will do a room by room analysis and advise on what changes to make throughout. Some suggestions may include de-cluttering, de-personalizing, enhancing, furniture arrangment, space utilization, painting, creating ambient lighting, repairing, cleaning, and improving curb appeal.


In a vacant property, staging includes decorating with appropriate furnishings and decor accessories that best compliment the property. 

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