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If you would like to contact any of my clients for a reference,  I would be more than happy to give them your contact information so they can speak with you directly.



We have now used Jacqueline Frend at Flair Interiors for several home renovation and decorating projects over the past 5 years and we highly recommend her work.  Jacqueline is always responsive, budget-conscious and easy to deal with.  In her dealings with contractors, we always had the impression she was advocating on our behalf to ensure any project was on-time, within budget and of the highest quality.  They say you can only achieve 2 of those 3 criteria with construction projects, but our experience with Jacqueline has shown that it is possible to tick off all three boxes.  In terms of the quality of the work, we have been very pleased with the results. It always starts with a vision; Jacqueline is a Picasso in her ability to conceive a look that suits the family’s needs and will endure over time.  She then acts as the quarterback, ensuring all the moving parts come together on the master canvas.  This is particularly helpful for busy people who want the work done well, but simply don’t have the time to source and manage the project.  She is now ‘auntie Jacquie’ to our kids and dogs who see her as part of the family!



Thank you, Jacquie, for everything you brought to the table. Your ability to tap into my likes and dislikes was phenomenal. It's as if we had known each other for years! I can't wait to take what you bestowed upon me to create my den and to baby step my way through the lighting changes in our home. I will be calling you for additional service later in the spring as I have other thoughts that will need your professional advice and expertise!

I am so blessed to have met you! Thank you so much!!

With kindness and hugs,

Niki and George


I would highly recommend Jacqueline Frend and her business Flair Interiors ~ Design & Decorating to anyone looking to work with an interior designer. I have had the pleasure of working alongside Jacqueline on many projects and I have nothing but great things to say. She is organized and it is enjoyable working with Jacqueline because things are always finished in a timely manner.

Jacqueline is professional, punctual and is a great interior designer. Most of all, Jacqueline provides the utmost care and customer service to her clients. Any project big or small, she makes sure that her client is taken care of from the first consultation to the final finishing touches.

I have personally recommended Flair Interiors ~ Design & Decorating to several of my clients and friends. The outcomes of the projects have been beautiful as Jacqueline has impeccable taste. More importantly the overall experience for all of my referrals has been positive and enjoyable!

Thank you Jacqueline!



I hired Jacqueline from Flair Interiors to do an update on my salon. Jacqueline was very professional & knowledgeable in her trade. She was a pleasure to work with & always over delivered!! My shop is beautiful & my clients & staff are loving the new renovation! I would definitely recommend Jacqueline from Flair Interiors . 
Thank you Jacqueline for an amazing job!! 




I leave the light on in my newly renovated bathroom so that every time I walk by I can admire it and love it !! I look foward to my shower every morning! I can't go on enough about how beautiful it is. Jacqueline and all the people she used did an amazing job. Everything is top notch! Jacqueline's taste is classic and elegant, and she has a natural talent for selecting beautiful materials. I loved all her suggestions in terms of space, design and decor, and she was very in tune with what I wanted and liked. She was available throughout the project and always addressed any concerns that arose. If anyone is lucky enough to have this lovely lady work on their project, they will not be disappointed in the least!!!  



We recently did a major renovation at our school and felt overwhelmed by the process.  Jacqueline was recommended to me by a colleague who had used her services in the past for a similar project.  When my team met with Jacqueline at the beginning of the project, we were delighted and relieved at how quickly she put us at ease and took charge of the design process in order to ease our stress.  She listened to our thoughts on our vision and how we wanted the space to "feel" since we had no idea of the design, color or layout.  During the project, Jacqueline provided us with input on color, furniture and design but took charge of the project as we had complete trust in her ideas and designs.  While having to work within some confines such as existing architectural design and budget, Jacqueline came up with a space that was everything we could have hoped for and so much more.  We have had so many compliments on our new space and the people who work within the space feel that they now have an environment that welcomes them and invites them to stay.


Thank you, Jacqueline, for creating a space for us that exceeded our expectations and is a genuine place of tranquility in our workplace.  Jacqueline is an exceptional designer with amazing vision and we would highly recommend her to anyone looking to transform a business or personal space. 



I first contacted Jacqueline to get some advice on paint colors and ideas on how to revitalize my space.  She met with us to get some ideas on what we were looking for and our relationship began.  She was very conscious to stay within our budget and to give us ideas on where to best spend the money we had allocated to renovations.  She met with us on several shopping trips to offer her ideas and to keep us on task.  She suggested very cost effective purchases that I am completely in love with.  For our final meeting, she brought with her some final touches that brought everything together.  We have been in our home for 10 years now but it looks brand new to me.  I love entertaining now and have received many compliments. Thank you Jacqueline!  



SO to top off my weekend, I came home to what finally feels like "home". Thank you Angela for answering my call for help by sending me the name of one of the most beautiful, talented women I have ever met Jacqueline Dempsey Frend of Flair Interiors. You weren't joking when you said "she's amazing". I asked, she delivered. Unbelievable, and yes...more tears!! I never imagined leaving my keys and home to anyone and coming HOME to this❤PERFECT!! CHEERS!♥




We recenty did a major re-design of the front lobby of a 2-storey, 50,000 sq. ft. office building in West Edmonton.

We felt the prospective tenant that was requiring 10,000 or more sq. ft. of space would want some kind of grand entrance into the space they were considering. So, we did that.


Then we planned an Open House for realtors to come and have a look. As I started prepping the building, I realized with horror, that something had been overlooked...tthe washrooms. As you entered, there was too much "blank wall" in both the mens and the ladies restrooms on both floors. The walls were so big and so empty; it was just cold and sterile. I had to fix it! So I sought out Jacqueline Frend with Flair Interiors ~ Design and Decorating. After meeting me on site, and seeing what I was referring to, she got looking and measuring, and had a very good idea of what I was after. She started explaining to me about design basics, flow, primp factors, etc., and really all I heard was "don't happy!".


Sure enough, in very short order of me pulling the trigger to get things done, it was done. 20 or so pieces of art, some tasteful 3/4 length mirrors, and some aesthetic pieces, and we were in business. She even had some issues with one of her suppliers, that she also came through to make sure we had our washrooms looking great...AND...she came in under budegt, which makes me look good to those I answer to!


I would encourage you to use Jacqueline whenver you get the chance; whether it be a commercial or residential space.


The results were great! Thanks Jacqueline!



There are times in which you meet someone and you know without question that this is the person you want to work with.  This was the situation I found myself in when I met with Jacqueline to talk about design, color, and layout considerations for our professional workspace.  Although the project had different areas to consider with varied needs and budget considerations, Jacqueline took the time to listen and consider each area as equally as important as the other and how each would be part of the project as a whole.  Jacqueline’s professional, intuitive, creative and genuine nature made me feel at ease right from the start. During our site walk through and vision discussion, Jacqueline explored elements such as purpose and use of area, space design, color considerations and target audience as well as my own ideas of what I would like to see. What could have been an arduous process became an enjoyable and satisfying experience.


Jacqueline’s work on the project presented me with varied options for colors, furniture, layout and budget.  The commitment Jacqueline put into her designs was evidenced in the well thought out concepts and presentation.  Bringing Jacqueline’s designs to reality resulted in the space and functionality exceeding the expectations of those who utilize the spaces within their day.  I am so pleased to say that that I have received many compliments and outstanding comments regarding the feel of the designed spaces.  It has made such a positive impact to our environment. 


Thank you Jacqueline for your time, your expertise and your warm and engaging way.  I have and will recommend you to anyone I come into contact with.



Working with Jacqueline at Flair Interiors was an absolute pleasure!  She was hired to re-design our two daughters’ bedrooms, transforming them from the cluttered, junk collecting rooms they had since birth/toddler years to chic tween rooms that they will have until they move out (hopefully not in their 40s!).   Jacqueline was wonderful with the girls and made them feel special during the entire project, checking with them to ensure that her choices met with their approval.  They now have special rooms that reflect their personalities and they truly love their new spaces!  We have peace of mind as it took all of the planning, decision making and shopping off our plates. Jacqueline asked us to set a budget up front and she was diligent with her spending to ensure she came under budget.  She is a conscientious designer who truly cares about creating rooms that fit every aspect of your lifestyle!



The remodel project consisted of a complete renovation of the house we purchased. We were already working with a contractor and needed the assistance of a designer to help with the detailed design items. Jacqueline was hired to oversee the complete makeover of the house including space planning, brainstorming ideas, colour schemes, material and product choices, procurement, project management, and staging/decorating.


Jacqueline was open to listening to our requirements, stayed within budget, and transformed the house into a showhome. Her attention to detail was impressive. We relied on Jacqueline's expertise to research the options, saving us much time and energy to focus on other items. Jacqueline's extensive knowledge of decorating styles gave us the look that we desired. Jacqueline worked well with the contractors to ensure the project ran smoothly.


Jacqueline is an exceptional interior designer with great style and taste. We would recommend Jacqueline for anyone looking to transform their house into a masterpiece home.





Your services were exceptional!  We couldn’t be happier with how our newly renovated office looks!  And I can’t praise you enough! You spent a lot of time researching products, providing quotes, negotiating with retailers, spending time face to face to go through everything.  You made us feel like we were your only clients and all focus was on us alone (even though I knew otherwise)!


It is extremely stressful to do as large a renovation as we did.  I honestly don’t know that I could have done it without you!  You thought of things I never would have, provided services that I could never have done myself.


You were exceptionally easy to deal with.  I feel that you gave a lot of input and nudging in the right direction, but at the same time you listened to what we had to say and combined both what you liked in your professional opinion and what we liked.  You seemed to know exactly what we wanted and provided just that!

Also, for all the work you had put into this project, your fee was very reasonable. 


You are very professional yet very friendly.  We worked very well together.  I miss not seeing you around anymore. If there is anyone who needs design expertise I will most definitely pass your info onto them.

Thanks again Jacqueline!  You are fantastic!



I purchased a new house and needed it furnished and decorated. I contacted a design company and although the first consultation seemed to go well and thought they had a good idea of what I was hoping to achieve, it became clear immediately after that meeting that this was not the case.  From that company pushing furniture and design on me that was not what I was looking for, but also how they were pushing services and unnecessary costs upon me, I decided stop using them and was quite disappointed in that experience.


I was very cautious to try another decorating company, but when I did decide to try again I contacted Flair Interiors and my experience could not have been more different.  Jacqueline listened to what I was hoping to achieve and right away began to provide some great suggestions and ideas.   Between finding and showing me exactly what I was looking for, and not only working within but coming in under my budget in achieving the look and feel I was looking for,


Jacqueline has far exceeded my expectations. Using Jacqueline at Flair Interiors for my design and decorating needs was the best decision I made.  Between Jacqueline being very professional and her ability to provide a first class design and decorating service, I would highly recommend her to anyone for their design and decorating needs.  I am sure that anyone using Flair Interiors would agree with me that it was their best decision also.



Thank you Jacqueline!!!! Your efforts are greatly appreciated and your decision making on the colors and décor are perfect!  Also you can obviously use me as a reference anytime!



Thank you Jacqueline for everything you did to make my new condo a home! You were so much fun to work with.  You were patient with me (and my friends) and I appreciated you including the ladies on many of our shopping excursions. We all had so much fun and we were continuously amazed at what you could see when we couldn't! You listened to me and knew just what I needed. I loved all of your ideas and everything you chose. Thank you again...for everything! 




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